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Valuation, Betas, Market risk premium (equity premium), Finance, Shareholder Value Creation


Company Valuation Methods: The Most Common Errors in Valuations
Valuing Companies by Cash Flow Discounting: Ten Methods and Nine Theories
110 Common Errors in Company Valuations
Equivalence of the APV, WACC and Flows to Equity Approaches to Firm Valuation
A More Realistic Valuation: APV and WACC with Constant Book Leverage Ratio
Discounted Cash Flow Valuation Methods: Examples of Perpetuities, Constant Growth and General Case
Financial Literature about Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
How to Value a Seasonal Company Discounting Cash Flows
Internet Valuations: The Case of Terra-Lycos
Three Residual Income Valuation Methods and Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
Valuation and Value Creation in Internet-related Companies
Valuing Real Options: Frequently Made Errors
WACC: Definition, Misconceptions and Errors
Valuation Using Multiples: How Do Analysts Reach Their Conclusions?
Valuation of Brands and Intellectual Capital


Are Calculated Betas Worth for Anything?
Beta = 1 Does a Better Job than Calculated Betas
Betas Used by Companies and Professors in Europe: A Survey. 2009
Betas Used by Professors: A Survey with 2,500 Answers. 2009
Levered and Unlevered Beta
On the Instability of Betas: The Case of Spain

Market risk premium (equity premium)

Equity Premium: Historical, Expected, Required and Implied
Market Risk Premium Used in 2010 by Analysts and Companies: A Survey with 2,400 Answers
Market Risk Premium Used in 2010 by Professors: A Survey with 1,500 Answers
The Equity Premium in 150 Textbooks
The Equity Premium Puzzle: High Required Premium, Undervaluation and Self Fulfilling Prophecy


100 Questions on Finance
Cash Flow is a Fact. Net Income is Just an Opinion

Shareholder Value Creation

A Definition of Shareholder Value Creation
EVA and Cash Value Added Do Not Measure Shareholder Value Creation
Shareholder Value Creation of Microsoft and GE
Convertibles in Spain: An Example of 'Back Door' Equity Financing
Shareholder Value Creators and Destroyers in the Dow Jones: Year 2008